The gap between government legislators and the average voter is perceived as a significant problem. It could be even said that the gap is widening. Despite this, not enough is being done to close this gap. Instead of complaining about the gap and talking about it, Calicocat suggests to start building a bridge right away.

To do so, Calicocat will organise a hybrid held hackathon. Together with designers, legal specialists and programmers we will develop a tool that contributes to close the gap between legislators and voters.

What are we looking for?
Calicocat is looking for a group of around 30 participants who are available the last week of May and are willing to participate in the hybrid held hackathon. The hackathon will not only consist of a brainstormsession and the development of an online tool, but also of some keynote speakers. We are looking for participants from the following backgrounds:

  • IT-law
  • ICT
  • Designers
  • Public administration


Why are we asking you these questions? We are curious about your definition of democracy and your desire to become more involved in the democratic process. This can be used as background information for the hackathon. Your ideas will help the hackathon team to develop their tool!

Question 1: How do you think the gap between legislators and voters can be closed?

Question 2: In what way would you like to be involved in local democracy?

Question 3: Do you have any suggestions to build the bridge together? (optional)

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